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in rome we will be working at IED (istituto europeo di design) with faculty Alberto Iacovoni and Marialuisa Palumbo on one of the most interesting and notorious mega-housing projects of the 1970s, laurentino 38.  located in the southern quartiere of laurentina, the complex – known by its number 38 (trentotto in italian) – is in varying states of abandonment, demolition, disrepair and refurbishment, occupied by various populations, mainly squats (80% do not pay rent).  the vaguely radial plan is characterized by island-like residential towers joined by mixed-use bridges looming over the street (i ponti della strada) and an otherwise indifferent ground plane.  the city of rome (comune di roma) has recently demolished three of these highly problematic bridges at one of the island clusters, creating a void that now demands wholesale rethinking.  this particular condition, along with the broader issues of community and environmental sustainability, will be the focus of our week-long workshop in rome.

ROMA L38 rooof

Laurentino 38 Workshop presentation IGITIONarchitects

ROMA L38 grafiti


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this is from maria luisa

check out this new link VERTICAL FARMS and the document linked above ROMA L38 hydroponic farming about certain requirements for growing crops hydroponically.

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