WELCOME to Sienastudio 2009

in recent years many interesting proposals have been made for the revival of the historic old centers of towns by means of festivals, collective shows, events of one sort and another; these amounted to attempts to rescue the city as a place for “living in together”.  these efforts have involved design of amusements (processions, shows, masquerades) and the revival of objects and situations (archaic design such as the sweetmeats stall, the soft drinks kiosk, temporary sales points).  these are not new inventions but the recovery of old traditions that once belonged to country fetes and have now turned up again in the city. they cannot be said to be purely commercial attractions but part of an overall policy (much discussed and perhaps questionable, but nonetheless interesting and important).  phenomena of this sort must also be included in any panorama of italian design.

otherwise it is hard to grasp the idea of italy itself or of design.

Umberto Ecco in Italian Re Evolution: Design in Italian Society in the Eighties La Jolla Museum of Contemporary Art 1982

here you will find the blogs, thoughts, projects, travels, drawings, links, train tickets, sketches, photos, museum stubs, postcards, ruminations on food + drink, and insights on fashion + culture of the students participating in the new jersey school of architecture’s urban studio.


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Comment by 24car


Comment by cattardo

all of the complications with my privacy has been resolved… however you will need to give me your username so that i may add it to the list of people that are ALLOWED to see it. my hyperlink has been updated so you should be able to access it from the siena blog. sorry for the inconvenience, I was unaware that so many were struggling to view my blog.


Comment by cattardo

bentornati a casa/welcome home everyone!

we hope you all had great last days in siena, or wherever your travels took you, and that you made it home safe + sound.

now it’s time to sum up the summer: the first task we asked you to complete are the evaluations for NEWARK ROME + SIENA. these are due by 5pm monday 31 august 09, no exceptions, no excuses.

a word to the wise: all deadlines now are absolute deadlines imposed by NJSOA; no exceptions, no excuses. evaluations are due 31 august, as noted. FOLIO09 must be posted on your weblogs, or otherwise submitted, by wed 09 september 09. late submittals will be penalized. your final grade will be based solely on what is posted by the deadline.

the L38 books, analytiques + popUPS will be available for pick up monday 31 august 09 after studio. please find me. i’ll be wandering around somewhere in second year undergrad…

baci a tutti.

Comment by siena2009

the scanner at the “main” internet cafe is broken so… yeah. we have to find a new location to scan stuff.

Comment by cattardo

Jim- Just wanted to give you a heads up, two of the internet cafes in Siena are going to be closed for the next ten days or so… finding internet is getting harder and harder!
It’s a little frustrating trying to update and be updated from the internet, when it is such a limited commodity here.

Comment by Caitlin Palamara

i hear you and we are trying to get access to another university space where ‘silver’ is available. note that all other residenza – porrione, sperandie, universitaria – all have ‘silver’. check the map at fontebranda for locations. also, most all other universita degli studi di siena buildings throughout the city have it too.

Comment by siena2009


the SCHEDULE has been updated on the SCHEDULES ITINERARIES etc page.

the studio project SIENA sub|urban urban e|merging has been posted on the SI09 SIENA page.

the siena assignments for TYPOLOGY MATRIX + CHIESE/PIAZZE + popUP PIAZZA have been posted on the SI09 SIENA page.

please note that we would like to make our FIRENZE trip on friday 14 august instead of tuesday 12 aug. va bene?

please note also that we have been invited to a concert of chigiana music school master class students at 21,00 tuesday wednesday 05 aug in the garden of the residenza sperandie on via sperandie, near porta san marco. there will be food!

Comment by siena2009

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